May 08

Ironman 70.3 St. Croix

I am overdue on a race report for Ironman St. Croix 70.3, so here it is I hope that you enjoy.

This race doubled as a vacation for my family as well as a race that I hoped help move me closer towards my goal of a #1 ranking for 2016. The Virgin Islands have been on my husbands bucket list for many years so he was excited to be able to come and offer support for the race. Since 2012, my son has celebrated every birthday while at a race, and the Virgin Islands were a great place for him to enjoy his 8th birthday. We arrived a full week before the race and were able to spend 4 days straight at the beach, snorkeling and had many kids to play with as well.

IMG_1281 IMG_1274
My support crew.



Beach Time and relaxation? 🙂

I had the opportunity to get out to check on the course as I had heard the stories that the “Beast” was in fact a beast. I rode the course on Monday morning, but waited too late and it was VERY hot and windy. I wasn’t prepared on this day and the “Beast” was a beast as I only made it half way up and had to stop as I was over-heating. I rode it again on Wednesday and made it up with plenty to spare and was looking forward to the race.

For the night before the race we stayed at the King Hotel which would allow my husband to watch the whole swim from the balcony of our room. We woke on race day morning with heavy overcast and lighting in the distance, but the rains had stopped and the swim area had calmed so the race was on. With my normal routine of Vitargo Post for breakfast and Vitargo Race just before the swim I was feeling good! This race had a All World Athlete swim wave that was the first of the day so was able to get a 6:30 start and hopefully beat the rain that was forecast for the day. I felt very good in the swim and found one of the men to try to keep up with. About halfway through the swim I realized that he was not only fast, but could not swim straight! I left him and continued on but was frustrated to see that I actually swam 1.8 miles instead of the 1.2! My time was 34:25 for the 1.8 which could have been close to 30 if I had just swam on my own….. Oh well I was still the first woman out of the water, (A FIRST EVER FOR ME!!) and I was quickly into transition onto the bike.

Ready for the swim. Thanks Xterra

The bike course is, in my opinion one of the most difficult course that I have ridden to date. This would include Wildflower long course, St. George, Challenge Subic, and Zel Am See Austria. Not only was it VERY hilly, but was also technical, windy, full of pot holes, sand, gravel, mud, and rocks. Record rains hit on Friday night and Saturday morning leaving flooding, and just an overall mess in its wake. There was one part of the course that the water came all the way up to my frame as I rode through it. Battling the conditions the bike was about 15 minutes slower than I had planned for but still was able to manage a 2:55 which was the fastest bike split among all the women for the day so was pleased with the result. My Qunitana Roo Illicito is proving to be a great bike for ALL conditions. Maybe I will try a Xterra race with it some time soon….. J/K. IRT is also a very big part of my successes. Their fantastic support, along with exceptional wheels have really helped me for the past three years. Thanks so much for your continued support!

View along the bike course

With a bike to run transition of :47 seconds I was able to hit the run course with a 6:05 lead on the second place woman who was also part of the All World Athlete wave. Cheyanne Noble from Pittsburg is a very nice person and we got to talk both during the week and after the race. I look forward to seeing her again at future races. Cheyanne is you are ready this you must ad Ironman Cobra 70.3 Philippines to your schedule! 🙂 The run course was a two loop course and I could tell that I was losing some time to Cheyanne but was able to hold on for a 3:30 win. Very thankful for my newest sponsor Altra for the shoes for this year. I have been exclusinve to Altra for 3 years now and is WONDERFUL having their support for 2016. Thanks so much! This race will always be special for me as it was my first Overall champion for a 70.3 distance race and my second 70.3 AG win of the year. Nest race is Vineman Ironman 70.3 where I will try to defend my AG win from last year. Moving to Truckee, Ca. on May 15th to train for the next two months. Hope some of you can come and train with me as it is beautiful there and very bike friendly. Get in touch with me if you are interested! I would like to give a special thanks to Rich and Rocklin Endurance Sports in Rocklin California. Rich and his staff take such very good care of me and my bike. From last minute adjustments to next day emergency delivery of parts etc, they continue to go above and beyond what they need to do. It is relationships like this that truly help in my successes. also a shout out to Death Row Velo with the help of customized one-off race kits. Looking good is feeling good! Thanks John!.

Local media interview

Monday morning St. Croix newspaper