March 09

Century Tuna Ironman 70.3

I can’t believe that 2016 race season is here already. With that come the annual trek to the Philippines to participate in the Century Tuna Ironman 70.3, and this year an added bonus Olympic distance race in La Union which I will report on in my next post. This season also came with a new club and sponsor as I joined team Ford Forza for all my Asian based races as well as World Championships in Australia. I am so fortunate to be a part of this team as the support and training partners are second to none!
IMG_0291 IMG_0302 IMG_0306

I also have the opportunity to represent YKK bikes as they have so graciously provided me with a Quintana Roo PRfive for all my Asian based races and World Championships. I am so grateful to not have to bring my QR from the US and not miss a beat in the quality of my ride! IMG_0316

My preparation for this race began in December with indoor training, master swims with Mike White but minimal running. I thought that my shin splits were behind me but I been struggling with them already this season. They have effected my training and entered into this race with mixed feelings about how prepared I really was. My swim was a disappointment as was a minute slower than last year and my concerns with conditioning showed very early on in the bike leg. I never really got into a grove on the bike and finished very frustrated with 8 minutes slower than in 2015. Shin splints were painful for most of the run which was also slower than last year, and boy it was HOT!

I had hoped to really give Monica Torres a race this year but it wasn’t meant to be. She is a true champion and I have a lot of work to do for sure. Maybe I needed to do the under pants run for luck, but I am too shy…..IMG_0309

Despite the challenges of the race and not being where I need to be with conditioning I still managed a 2nd place finish in the Filipina Elite category, and am for sure proud of that! I am also proud to be a part of helping Ford Forza earn the #1 spot for the team competition as they work so hard to be the best! Congrats to us all!!
IMG_0311 IMG_0313

Being able to race with the pros is such a privilege and I also look forward to meeting other women that I follow and am inspired by. This year was no exception as I finally got to meet Bree Wee and get a picture with her! IMG_0315

As always Vitargo is a huge piece of my success. They have been such a great partner in my journey so far and never miss an opportunity to thank them and send praises their way for the best hydration and recover drink on the planet! 2016 has also brought Altra to the mix of sponsors that make the racing possible at the level I am able to compete. Thanks so much for the shoes and the support!

I want to also give a special thanks to Joseph Miller for all the work he did to my bike trying to get the fit just right. I so much appreciate it Joseph. You are a great friend and teammate.IMG_0333

Thanks to all the people who follow my adventures and for all your kind words and encouragement as I continue this wonderful journey.

One 70.3 race in the books and 8 more to go!