August 17

Mount Mayon Triathlon 2015

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Mount Mayon is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen and the Mount Mayon Triathlon has become my favorite Olympic distance race. This event is more that just a race. It is a week long experience in a town that very much like a Manhattan Beach town on the California coastline. A quiet and relaxed town with beautiful scenery makes for a perfect recover week after the Ironman Cobra 70.3. My Philippine sponsor Omega Pro was so kind to cover my flight into Legazpi and I arrived on Tuesday afternoon. My bike? Well not so much as Cebu Pacific left it in Manila so was without it until Wednesday so I missed the ride around Mount Mayon with the pros. Next year!


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Mount Mayon is the brainchild of Joe Matias of Runner’s Circle and was ran to perfection this year. From the welcome at the airport with transportation, to great rooms close to the race start, to media day with the pros and elites, to the pre-race dinner and after party Mount Mayon should be added to everyone’s bucket list of races.



Rain threatened the race all week and was very happy to wake up race morning and not see any rain outside the hotel. With a 6:30 wave start with the elites and pros I was up at 4:00 am for my normal raceday routine of a Vitargo Post shake while I am stretching and thinking about my goals and plan for the race. My body felt great and was eager to improve on my time from last year and hopefully improve on my 3rd overall finish of 2014.

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The transition of Mount Mayon in stretched out on the pier and proves for a one of a kind transition experience with the crowd of spectators almost positioned in the transition area. My swim was just ok as was hoping to break 24 minutes but fell short of that by just over a minute. LC Langit was already long gone onto the bike and I knew Monica Torres was not far behind as her swim has improved from last year for sure!

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My goal was to stay ahead of Monica and catch LC during the bike and was confident if I did that I would be in great shape. Frustration hit when I dropped my chain before the halfway point which cost me about a minute, but was able to chase down LC while also staying ahead of Monica. I pulled a rookie mistake entering into T2 when I undid my helmet strap before racking my bike and was forced to go back to the dismount line, restrap my helmet and then was allowed to enter back into T2. AHHHHHHHH! another minute given back to the course and was now angry at myself for not paying better attention. I still headed out onto the run in 1st place but knew that Monica would be charging hard and my 2 minutes lost would most likely cost me big time.

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I remember the run well from 2014 and it was for sure as difficult as I remembered. HOT, HOT, HOT and verrrrrry hilly…… Did I mention the run is hot and hilly? Phew. The run at this race is one of only a couple that I actually fight myself to NOT walk. I have never walked in a race yet but came very close a couple times at this race this year. As feared Monica passed me around the 5K mark of the run and I was really beating myself up about my transition mistake and the unfortunate dropping of the chain but pushed through with all I had to beat my time from last year and hold on to the 2nd overall for the podium. Their were many more spectators this year and the whole race had some of the same feeling as Cobra with people cheering and encouraging. I will for sure be back again next year and encourage many to go as well.

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I was happy with my time as I did improve over 2 minutes over 2014, and did move up one place on the podium to 2nd overall. I still have so much work to do in the off season, but have 3 more Ironman 70.3 before that happens. I am home in USA for 12 days then head to Austria for Ironman 70.3 World Championships then finish my season with Ironman Tahoe 70.3 and Ironman Tempe 70.3.

A special thanks go out to Joe Matias, Missy Hilario and May Briones for the unbelievable Mount Mayon experience this year. This race is so fun and so special I hope that you continue it for many more years.

So thankful to Vitargo for their continued support. If you haven’t tried Vitargo I encourage you to do so. Gluten free, sugar free and no stomach issues even though taking on lots of calories. I will have a discount link on my blog shortly :-).

Quintan Roo and the very fast bikes that they make continue to be an amazing partner for my training and racing.

Rocklin Endurance Sports provides bike tech support and they have an amazing triathlon only shop in Rocklin, California. If you haven’t had the chance to go yet make it a point next time you are in the Rocklin/Roseville area. They are the BEST

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