July 19

Ironman Vineman 70.3 2015

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2015 marked my third year competing at Vineman and my last year competing in the 25-29 AG category. I was very excited for this race this year and was hoping for a new PR on what can be a very fast course. My training leading up to the race was done in Tahoe/Truckee area and my husband kicked my butt with intensity AND with my diet. My goal was to enter the race in my top conditioning of the year and also the leanest. I think both were accomplished but not without some frustration from both me and my husband/coach. This sport is fun, difficult, frustrating, challenging, rewarding and inspiring. With a good taper week leading in and a very regimented diet I entered the race both very fit and at 105.5 pounds which is the leanest I have been all year. I was a little frustrated at first that my swim wave was the 2nd to last wave of the day with a start of 8:36, BUT the mornings leading up to the race had been very cold so it turned out to be a blessing when race day rolled around. We stayed within walking distance of the swim start so I headed down to T1 at 5:30 to get my spot and station set up then went back to our trailer, stretched and finished my pre-race regiment of Vitargo Post, peanut butter, frozen bananas, raspberries and almond milk shake.

Vineman has been my two fastest swims so far which I think is because of the very narrow channel so it is easy to stay straight. This year was no exception posting my fastest swim of career at 32:02. This however still had me 11th out of the water in my age group. Note to self: Off season 2015 is dedicated to sub 30 swim!finisherpix_1097_002011finisherpix_1097_006151

My transition onto the bike was the fastest of the day for the 87 women in my age group, and I think I passed a couple swimmers that finished ahead of me there. My bike leg has been a frustration for me so far this year and with some last minute tweaks from Rich at Rocklin Endurance Sports three days prior to the race, I was hoping to get back to my comfort zone from past years.
I hit the course hard from start to finish both watching my cadence (75-90) and my power output (180-210 watts) trying to hold those numbers through the entire race. Everything felt great for the full 56 miles and my Quintana Roo Illicito and iRT wheels were feeling dialed in again. I was very excited to not only improve on last years bike split by 3 minutes with a 2:33:56, but I also had the 4th fastest bike split for all the AG women, 1st in my AG and also moved into to 1st place heading out onto the run.

I have been in this position more times than I would like to admit. Just last year alone I found myself in 1st place heading into the run 6 times only to be passed on the run portion. This happened last year at Vineman when I was leading all the way until the last 2 miles of the run where I was passed by the winner and 800 yards to the finish where I was passed by the 2nd place finisher.
This year I was determined to leave it all on the course and finish at the top of the podium. My husband has been working on my thinking in regards to how I manage my races as I usually just try and go as fast as I can….:-) This year the pace goal was to hold a 8 mile and hour pace for the entire 13.1. I am pretty good with goals like that because it gives me just one thing to focus on. My plan was to PR the run by 2 1/2 minutes with a 1:40.
I held my pace to about mile 6 and was started to get mentally tired as well as heavy legs starting to set in. I heard someone gaining on me from behind and when she passed me I was relieved that she wasn’t in my AG. I focused to just stay with her for as long as I could. We went back and forth all the way to the finish line and my run clocked in at 1:38:14!!! My husband met me at the finish line with tears in his eyes. I did not get passed on the run, in fact I had the fastest run split in my AG and finished with a 1st place finish and a new PR of 4:48:52.
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Mirinda Carfrae – My triathlete Idol AND my size!
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Thanks Death Row Velo for my race kits. I think I look pretty good in them….. hahaha. Contact John Landino for your one off race kits. He is amazing!