July 16

Vineman Ironman 70.3 2014

Vineman Ironman was a race I was really looking forward to. It was my first Ironman brand race in 2013 and the place that I earned my first qualifying to Ironman 70.3 World Championships. I was relaxed and healthy going into this years race with no pressure as I had already qualified for Worlds earlier in the year at Boise 70.3. My goal this year was to break 5 hours and hopefully take home the first place honors.

My husband and 6 year old son and myself camped across the river this year in our trailer so Sunday morning was a later sleep than usual and a quick 2 minute ride on the bike to transition at Johnsons Beach. It was great to see teammates from FilAm Tri as well as friends from Gold Country Triathlon and FCA. It’s always great to see familiar faces at events. I love this sport because everyone is so nice and helpful and always have well wishes to all.

My swim wave was late this year as was 1:18 after the pro men. I actually had time to go back to the campsite for a few minutes as I forgot part of my water bottle…:) The swim was a little crazy this year as the water level was very low. There were parts that had to be walked as was too difficult to swim through the many people that were walking. I din’t get the 30 minutes that I wanted but was happy to at least be a fast as last year with a 32:19. That was good for 7th out of the water for 25-29 women and a 2 minute T1 put me on the bike with a few to catch.

My plan was to really attack the bike leg this year. I have been training at altitude near Donner Lake for the last three weeks and really felt strong for the whole 56 miles. Vitargo Post and Vitargo Race formulas continue to amaze me. I don’t eat any solids on race day and don’t take any other fuel or electrolytes as Vitargo has all that built in. It’s clean and simple as I mix the night before and am out the door with my pre race and race nutrition and fuel for the day. By the halfway point of the bike in Guernville I had moved into 1st place and was really feeling great. I pushed hard for the second half and came into T2 with just over a 4 minute lead on the 2nd person. I had the fastest bike split of the day for 29 and under women and 3rd fastest overall for women. Thanks to Qunitana Roo, iRT Wheels and Profile Design for my continued success in this area as it my 6th race this year with the fastest bike split in my age group A good transition and was on to the very hot run course.

Temperatures were in the mid 90’s for the run and I heard many people after the race complaining of cramping and fatigue. I actually felt very strong for the whole race and must say that the Vitargo had so much to do with that. For people looking for the perfect fuel for training and race day conditions its really the only fuel that is proven to get it done. My run is still the weak leg for me. I got passed at the 12 mile mark to fall into 2nd place and to my frustration passed again with less that .5 miles remaining to fall into 3rd. 45 seconds separated 1st from 3rd and I did at least reach one of my goals which was to break 5 hours as I finished at 4:58:48. With that behind my focus is to get to 4:45! Always a new goal in this sport and I am loving every minute of it.

Thanks to all that support me both in person and in spirit. I love you all and love hearing from you too!

Leaving for Cebu Philippines tomorrow! Next post to follow Ironman Cobra Philippines on August 3rd.