June 09

Boise 70.3

Boise was really a after thought for 2014. After being sick at St George and frustrated with my finish my husband/coach and I looked at Boise as a make up race to qualify for Worlds in Mont Temblant in September.Idaho is one of many states I have not yet visited in my 8 years in the USA and it sounded like a great opportunity to both visit a new state and meet family that live in Boise. One of the things I most love about this sport is that there are so many places to compete in races and give my family and myself the opportunity to travel and visit great places. We have raced in San Diego, Oceanside, Napa Valley area, Las Vegas, St. George Utah, Wildflower (The most FUN place yet), Nevada City, Ca. all through the Bay Area and will be heading the Philippines and to Mont Temblant Canada later this year. Next year I hope to add Austria and Boulder Colorado and some other areas to the travel list. It’s so much fun to share this with my family and friends!

Boise was a very beautiful and clean Venue and would highly recommend the race to others. The city was welcoming with many spectators and volunteers. I always enjoy watching all the pre race routines of taking on calories with GU, bananas, bars etc. Mine is always very simple. No fuss and no mess I simply drink a very thick dose of Vitargo Race and head to the water. I don’t eat any solids on race day as I prep in the morning with Vitargo Post and hydrate during the race with Vitargo Race. All told I consume around 2000 calories of Vitargo during the race and have never once experienced any kind of bonk. I have been testing Vitargo Race for 3 of my 70.3 races now and it is AWESOME. Loaded with electrolytes and complex carbs I am fully fueled with liquid only. Vitargo has been a wonderful sponsor and can’t say enough about them or the product.

My starting wave time was at 12:39 in the afternoon which was very different. I am not sure why they have done this but it was nice to sleep in and not be rushed in the morning. The trade off however was some pretty stiff winds both during the swim and the bike.The swim was very cold but also very clean. The first half of the swim wasn’t too bad but after the second turn it became very choppy. To me the waves were bigger than those at Oceanside and found myself swallowing quite a bit of water. Swim times seemed slow for everyone and mine was no different as I finished around 35.30 and 10th out of the water in my age group. The benefit of starting at 12:39 was it was already warm and didn’t take long to recover from the 60 degree water swim.

My bike split was the fastest in my age group even after I had to stop for two minutes and get my water bottle and Garmin that blew off my bars in the wind and a unexpected bump in the road. I passed 8 of the women ahead of me and then battled it out with the leader from mile 24 on. I lead some and she lead some but she did get to T2 about 20 seconds ahead of me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am really enjoying my Qunitana Roo Illicito. It is so much easier to ride than the S-Works SHIV Triathon model from 2013. It cuts through the wind and handles great. I have had the fastest bike split in all but one of my races this year in my age group. iRT wheels and Profile Design are i very big piece as well. It takes so much to put it all together in this sport and these three sponsors have provided me with top of the line equipment to give me the edge that I need.

My T2 time was the same as the leader so headed out to the run trailing by 20 seconds. Someday I am going to get this part of my race under control. Running has always been by weakest part starting with constant battles with shin splints. I feel like I have become a better runner but still seem to be missing something. This race was no different, in fact it was slower than my Oceanside run by almost 3 minutes. I just couldn’t seem to get my cadence up where I wanted it and struggled through the whole race. The leader slowly pulled away and was never able to cut back into her lead. My goal was to go under 5:00 for the first time in a 70.3 but did not make it as I finished in just over 5:06 and a 2nd place finish that qualified me for 70.3 worlds. With this being the main reason we added Boise I did leave satisfied but yet even more focused for Vineman next month to get under 5:00.

Thanks to all my supporters and followers! I love hearing from everyone and love sharing my experiences. Thanks to God for giving the body that I have.


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